What should a child be doing at each stage of development?  


Click the age buttons below to read the developmental milestones we want kids to achieve by each birthday in the areas of speech, language, literacy, and feeding.


The sounds that a child produces correctly at the beginning, middle and end of words.

Receptive Language

What does a child understand -includes following directions, answering questions, recalling details.  This area also impacts reading comprehension once a child is in school.

Expressive Language

What a child produces - includes sentence structure, vocabulary, grammar, describing activities/telling stories.


The flow ("smoothness") that a child uses when communicating with words and sentences in conversation.  This includes communication free of repeating words, blocks (words "getting stuck"), interjections, and revisions.

Pragmatics/Social Skills

How a child interacts with others in conversation.  This includes turn-taking, non-verbal communication (eye contact, body language), and voice inflection (rising voice for asking questions).


The building blocks of pre-reading and writing skills that a child displays.


The developmental progression of skills that a child exhibits from infancy (bottle/breast feeding) to displaying the skills needed to eat meals similar to adults.

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