• Able to correctly produce all sounds – may have some difficulty with specific sounds – l, s, r, v, z, ch, sh, th    

  • 100% intelligible


Receptive Language (what a child understands)

  • Understands sequential order words (first, next, last)

  • Understands time concepts (yesterday, tomorrow)

  • Follows “classroom directions” (circle something that you wear)

Expressive Language (what a child produces/says)

  • Names letters and numbers

  • Tells a short story

  • Able to continue a conversation


Pragmatics/Social Skills

  • Follows 3+ step directions

  • Uses words to invite others to play

  • Speaks of imaginary conditions (“what if….”, “I hope…”)

  • Plays competitive exercise games

  • Uses language to resolve disputes



  • Begins to understand story sequence

  • Knows many letters by name

  • Uses more letter-like forms than scribbling



  • Consumes a diet similar to adults that include a variety of fruits, vegetables, protein (ground beef, chicken, tofu), carbohydrates

  • Mixed textures – spaghetti and meatballs, cereal in milk

  • Drinks from an open cup


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