• Able to produce the following sounds: l, blends (st, pl, gr), s, sh, ch, z, j, v, th

  • Understood by others 90-100% of the time

Receptive Language (what a child understands)

  • Answers “when” questions

  • Follows 3-step directions without cues

  • Understands color and shape words (red, circle, square)

  • Understands words for family (grandpa, sister)

Expressive Language (what a child produces/says)

  • Produces 1,500+ words

  • Talks about home/school stories using up to 4 sentences

  • Uses pronouns (I, we, they)

  • Uses plurals (babies, toys)

  • Uses “what,” “where”, “how” and “whose” when asking questions



  • May repeat words once or twice (i.e., I see-I see a baby)

  • Speech may include filers (um, uh, er)

  • Click here if you have concerns regarding your child's fluency


Pragmatics/Social Skills

  • Takes turns and plays cooperatively

  • Relates experiences through conversation

  • Shows frustration if not understood

  • Expresses ideas and feeling



  • Begins to pay attention to specific print, such as the first letter of his/her name

  • Identifies some letters and makes letter/sound matches

  • Participates in rhyming games

  • Talks about character in a book

  • Likes to “read” stories to self and others

  • Produces some letter-like forms in scribbles that resemble letters



  • Consumes a diet similar to adults that include a variety of fruits, vegetables, protein (ground beef, chicken, tofu), carbohydrates

  • Mixed textures – spaghetti and meatballs, cereal in milk

  • Drinks from an open cup


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