• Able to produce the following sounds: k, g, t, d, ng, f, y

  • Produces only 2 of the 3 syllables in words (“tato” for “potato”)

  • Understood by others 75% of the time


Receptive Language (what a child understands)

  • Understands simple opposites/adjectives (big-little, stop-go)

  • Follows 2+ step directions (go to your room and get your shoes)

  • Identifies objects and pictures

Expressive Language (what a child produces/says)

  • Answers questions (how old are you?)

  • Produces 300-500 words

  • Combines 3-word phrases (I want cookie)

  • Begins to ask “why?”


  • May repeat words once or twice (i.e., I see-I see a baby)

  • Speech may include filers (um, uh, er)

  • Click here if you have concerns regarding your child's fluency

Pragmatics/Social Skills

  • Watches other children play and briefly joins in

  • Requests permission for items/activities

  • Makes conversational repairs when the listener does not understand

  • Engages in longer dialogues

  • Begins to “play house”

  • Participates in simple group activities

  • Defends own possessions

  • Carries a “conversation” with self and toys

  • Engages in simple, make believe activities

  • Looks for missing toys/helps put things away



  • Holds a book correctly

  • Begins to recognize logos (i.e, the red sign at Chick-fil-A)

  • Begins to show a difference in writing vs drawing



  • Consumes a diet similar to adults that include a variety of fruits, vegetables, protein (ground beef, chicken, tofu), carbohydrates

  • Mixed textures – spaghetti and meatballs, cereal in milk

  • Drinks from an open cup/straw cup/sippy cup


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