• Able to produce the following sounds: p, b, m, h, w, n

  • Emerging sounds – k, d, t, g

  • Leaves off the last sound in a word (“I” instead of “Ice)

  • Produces sounds at the front of their mouth (“tar” for “car”)

  • Understood by others 25%-50% of the time


Receptive Language (what a child understands)

  • Identifies objects

  • Points to a few body parts when named

  • Follows 1-step (common) commands (kick the ball, hug the baby)

Expressive Language (what a child produces/says)

  • Labels objects

  • Produces 50 single words

  • Puts 2-words together (eat cookie, more milk, etc)

  • Begins to produce simple questions (Where daddy?, Go bye-bye?)



  • May repeat words once or twice (i.e., I see-I see a baby)

  • Speech may include filers (um, uh, er)

  • Click here if you have concerns regarding your child's fluency

Pragmatics/Social Skills         

  • Follows simple directions with cues

  • Waves bye

  • Engages in parallel play

  • Imitates adult behaviors

  • Refers to self by name

  • Exhibits verbal turn-taking

  • Protest with “no”

  • Engages in simple pretend play (i.e, talking on the phone)

  • Practices intonation (the voice rising and falling in speech)



  • Recognizes certain books by their cover

  • Likes to turn pages

  • Attends to a book for 1-2 minutes

  • Listens to simple stories

  • Pretends to read books


  • Independent self-feeder

  • Drinking from either a straw or sippy cup

  • Consumes a diet with a variety of textures (crackers, vegetables, fruits, chicken, etc.)


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