• Babbles with sounds such as “p,” “b,” “m”

  • Begins to imitate a variety of different speech sounds along with environmental sounds (car/animal sounds)


Receptive Language (what a child understands)

  • Responds to their name

  • Turns head and looks to locate sound

  • Recognizes words for common objects (cup, ball, car)

  • Begins to respond to requests (come here, want more?)

Expressive Language (what a child produces/says)

  • Babbles (short and long strings of babbling)

  • Uses gestures to communicate (waving, extending arms to be picked up/held)

  • Produces 10-12 simple words (mama, dada, bye, hi, no)


Pragmatics/Social Skills

  • Responds to “no”

  • Responds to name

  • Points to learn new vocabulary

  • Attempts to “talk” to listener

  • Coos/squeals for attention

  • Laughs when playing with objects

  • Smiles at self in mirror

  • Plays patty-cake and peek-a-boo games

  • Copies simple actions of others



  • Can focus on large and bright pictures in a book

  • Shares books with an adult as routine part of life



  • Self-feeds with fingers and with spoon (grabbing with whole hand)

  • Holds cup with 2 hands

  • Holds and consumes bottle and/or sippy cup independently

  • Diet consist of purees, soft meltables (i.e, puffs), soft table foods (bananas, avocados, cooked veggies), some crackers and easily chewed foods (scrambled eggs, meatballs)


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