Talkin' Tikes was birthed out of a desire to identify children with speech, language, and feeding delays at an early age in order to provide quality therapy services during the most critical stages of development.  

Often times, when friends and family members express concerns regarding their child's speech, language, and/or feeding difficulties; they hear responses from others, such as "give them more time" or "they will grow out of it."  For some friends and family that is true, but that is not the story for everyone.  Referrals for speech/language/feeding services are often delayed, losing valuable time when therapy is beneficial.  

It is not only important for Talkin' Tikes to provide quality speech therapy services, but also to educate families and teachers with information regarding age appropriate milestones in these various areas in order to help identify possible delays and provide therapy intervention at an early age.  

In recent years, some major commercial insurance providers have begun to deny speech services for children with a diagnosis of language delay. This results in children not receiving the services they need, impacting long term success or families having to pay high out of pocket costs.

Due to the trend toward authorization denial for a diagnosis of language delay and the growing insurance deductibles, Talkin' Tikes has made the decision not to bill insurance companies.  Submitting for authorizations and billing insurance companies requires both additional resources and staff.  By not including this in our business, we can offer lower rates and pass the savings on to you.


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